How Do Security Doors Work

How Do Security Doors Work ?

If you’re looking to boost your home protection, security doors are an effective way to deter thieves and keep your home, loved ones, and valuables safe. With recent data showing that Australia now has the 7th highest burglary rate in the world, now is the time to ensure that your household is safe. But, how do security doors actually work and what features are important when choosing which security door is right for your home and needs?

How Do Security Doors Work

Home security is not just about protecting your valuable possessions, it’s about ensuring you and your household are safe from intruders and the emotional strain that being the victim of a break-in can cause. Approximately 4.3% of Australian homes are burgled each year and in 11.8% of cases, the perpetrator has a confrontation with the victim. Having a security door is an effective way to deter thieves from targeting your home as well as physically preventing someone from forcibly entering your home. Want to know more? Here’s how they work and why you need one.

If you think your fly screen offers adequate security, think again!

Flyscreen doors and security doors are pretty similar, right? Wrong! Flyscreen doors are absolutely not a security feature, so don’t make the mistake of relying on flyscreen doors to prevent being burgled. Security door mesh is manufactured from aluminum or steel and has been tested to ensure it can with standard break-in attempts, whereas most fly screen mesh is made from fiberglass, nylon, or PVC-coated polyester. Simply put, fly screen mesh is a great option to provide protection from insects, but it is likely to need replacing over time and is not designed to offer security. If you have pets or young children, it’s worth taking them into account when it comes to choosing whether to install a fly screen door or Security doors Melbourne. Paws, claws, and persistent pushing unfortunately tend to make short work of fly screen and you will find your mesh will end up warping or tearing. Jim’s Security Doors offers a range of heavy-duty security mesh options that are designed to withstand rough usage.

Security doors are manufactured using quality materials

Premium security doors are usually made from steel or heavy-duty aluminum. Steel and aluminum offer better protection in terms of their superior strength and will also last longer and require fewer repairs than doors manufactured from cheaper materials.

Security doors are designed to satisfy Australian Standards testing

Security doors function in two ways to stop your property from being burgled; firstly, they act as a visual deterrent to thieves; and secondly, they physically stop thieves from gaining access to your property. Always choose a security door that has been made in compliance with Australian Standards regulations and has been properly installed by a skilled expert. The strict Australian Standards tests assess the structural integrity and strength of the security door or window screen to ensure that they are able to withstand forced entry attempts. The Australian Standards tests include:

  • The knife sheer test;
  • The impact test;
  • The anti-jemmy test;
  • The pull test;
  • The probe test; and
  • The salt spray test.
What is a three-point locking system?

It’s advisable to add a three-point locking system, or triple locking system to your security door for extra security. A single locking system has just one central locking point, whereas a three-point locking system consists of three locking points at the top, middle, and bottom of the door, which are connected to an internal rod inside the door frame. Each time a key is used to lock the door, all three locking points are engaged, essentially immobilizing the door by anchoring it at the top, middle and bottom.

What is privacy mesh and why is so great for security?

Privacy mesh, also known as DVA or one-way mesh, prevents visitors from being able to see into your house. This feature provides additional security by stopping thieves from being able to see into your home to “case” it for vulnerabilities or valuables. It also provides improved personal protection by allowing you to see who is outside your door without compromising your safety by exposing yourself to a prowler. Privacy mesh is available in two thicknesses, a heavier variety that can be used on its own or a lighter option designed to complement a diamond grille or cast aluminum style grille security door.

Are security doors really worth it?

Did you know that in approximately 30% of break-ins, the intruder enters through the front door? Burglary rates are unfortunately on the rise across Australia, with current statistics showing that around 20% of Australian homes will be burgled at some point. Thieves tend to target homes that they can break into quickly and quietly, so security doors are an effective way to deter thieves by ensuring your home is a less appealing target for a speedy burglary. If you’re still feeling unsure about the right security solution for your home, get in touch with a reliable security door business such as Jim’s Security Doors. Jim’s also provides Property Conveyancing in Brisbane.


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